go be good,
do good

software design

Our connected world is meshing with a global change in consciousness. With software we can enable new kinds of positive behavior. With design we can improve our interactions with software.


My name is Richard Caetano and I work with software design to help deliver the promise of technology: to improve the quality of life for all.


8tracks / 8tracks app / bitcoin / blossompage / btcreport / couples retreat / crypto currency / facebook / game mechanics / gi joe / github / greenhornet / karatekid / le camping / linkedin / mixplay / music hack day / quora / pelco / silicon maniacs / smart property / tastekid / tumblr / twitter / typejack / vimeo / vivace app / zookeeper


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Richard Caetano is a software designer from California who bounced through SF+NYC and ended up living in Paris. He practices meditation, studies the Dharma and enjoys playing and listening to music.