Go be good,
do good.

My name is Richard Caetano, and I lead Stratumn, a company focused on building systems powered by blockchain networks and advanced cryptography which can secure any process — while enhancing user experiences, strengthening privacy and improving transparency.


  • Proof of Process
    Proof of Process is a protocol for securing processes between partners, establishing a foundation for networks of trust, and the core of Stratumn's network technology.

  • Learning Bitcoin
    Explore the new world of disintermediated finance by exploring how bitcoin works and what it means for the future.


Between the ages of 9 and 16, I learned to program computers with Pascal, Assembly and C++. I raced amateur motocross in my late teens, became a private pilot in my late twenties, moved to Paris in my early thirties and established the leading blockchain technology company in France in my forties.

Today I am a practicing Buddhist, musician and the happy husband of a wonderful woman.