Go be good, do good.

Hello, my name is Richard Caetano and this is my personal website.

I’m rebooting my website in 2020, a truly a year of change with so much to learn and develop from.

Through this website, I’d like share thoughts and writings on the current affairs of technology and mind.

Here’s a read of my past.


Right before the COVID lockdown, our team launched a new company called Akord.

Akord is data security company, focusing on improving collaboration and productivity for teams by delivering cryptographically secured virtual data rooms.

We’ve been working remotely without much hassle.

…actually, It’s been nice!

In addition to building startups I’m also working with founders as an angel investor, helping them to build relationships with corporate partners, developing a roadmap for their technology and to eventually find product market fit.

Previously, I co-founded one of the leading blockchain companies in France, Stratumn. The company is focused on commercializing business networks powered by blockchain technology and advanced cryptography. Stratumn’s network technology can secure any business process, while enhancing customer experiences, insuring privacy and improving transparency.

Before moving to France in 2010, I led the launch and development of the original 8tracks music service, under the vision of David Porter, the co-founder and previous CEO. After peaking with nearly 10 million listeners a month, the service encountered heavy competition against Spotify and Apple Music. Now relaunched with a new owner and team, 8tracks continues to deliver handpicked playlists by passionate curators.

The 2000’s was a productive decade of software development for me:

  • From 2005 until 2007 I worked at Pelco, a security company, as software architect and engineer building DVR systems.

  • From 2002 until 2005 I connected pistachio manufacturing equipment with data processing systems at Paramount Farms.

  • From 1998 until 2002 I was a programmer analyst at the Tulare County of Education building business and accounting systems.


After the 2008 financial crises, I realized how lack of process traceability in the business world was a systemic risk. From this inspiration, I led the vision for Proof of Process. Along with my co-author Anuj Das Gupta, we delivered a protocol for securing processes between partners, establishing a foundation for networks of trust. Proof of Proess is the core of Stratumn’s network technology.

In 2015 I published the book, Learning Bitcoin, to help you explore the new world of disintermediated finance by exploring how bitcoin works and what it means for the future.


Starting at the age of 9, I learned to program computers with BASIC, Pascal, Assembly and C++. I raced amateur motocross in my late teens, became a private pilot in my late twenties, moved to Paris in my early thirties and established the leading blockchain technology company in France in my forties.

Today I am a practicing Buddhist, musician, electronic hobbyist and the happy husband of a wonderful woman & father of 3 wonderful children.