The Proof of Process Whitepaper

The 2008 financial crisis showed how lack of visibility between the real estate, finance and insurance industries manifested as a global meltdown. In 2013, The Economist writes:

“With half a decade’s hindsight, it is clear the crisis had multiple causes. The most obvious is the financiers themselves… who claimed to have found a way to banish risk when in fact they had simply lost track of it.”

Surely, lack of business traceability is a systemic risk.

Proof of Process is a protocol designed to improve trust between people and organiations. By offering digital tracceablity of business data, documents and actions, actors relying on the same process can act with accountability.

You can download the origin paper or read through an indexed version organzied for online reading.

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Battleship the Process
  4. Key Concepts
  5. Design Rationale
  6. Data Integrity
  7. Actor Non Repudiation
  8. Proof of Anteriority
  9. Contextual Proof
  10. Building the Proof of Process
  11. Zero Knowledge Proof of Process
  12. Conclusion